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Plein Burger

Branding food / Product packaging / Logo design / Visual Identity

Who is Plein Burger?

Plein Burger shares with the customer the experience of eating a simple and fresh burger, which is prepared daily with selected ingredients, with limited units. The challenge in developing the visual identity is to bring a professional language that is easily accessible to its clients.

  • Plein Burger
  • Launch: 2018.
  • Londrina-PR, Brazil.
  • I designed the visual identity, packaging food, logo, motion graphics for social media, and institutional materials.
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Naming origin

The choice of name was the owner, he had the desire to has a creative brand for his new company. On the first step, PLEIN has delivered an experience box with bread, cheese, and meat burger. The proposal was the clients self-made their burgers in-house. The effect WOW with flavors and satisfy of DIY.
Now Plein Burger opened a restaurant, and serve the burger ready to eat. A new step of the company in 2021.


Psychologist Carl G. Jung used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. Archetypes reside in the collective unconscious of people around the world. We use these archetypes to bring your associations to the brand concept.

The explorer

"Don't create fences around me."

This is my motto, that expresses constant motivation and interest in discoveries, the pillars that support the customer relationships are an escape from the routine and novelty with a fixed time. Owner of a totally restless profile, you search products that help your customers on the journey of weekend kitchen, which provides the feeling of freedom, independence but without complication. Doesn't like products that remind him of the routine of the day by day, want to escape the sameness of the meals of week!

Values of brand

Translating the Plein Burger vision of seeing the world.

Visual signature

Let's go now to the design of the logo and how it was thought until we reach the final result.


The visual identity was approved in the first proposal with the client. Thanks to the consistent briefing and the confidence given. With a 30-day development, the client received his visual identity and can now use the arts and layouts to communicate his brand.


Testimonial Pedro founder of Plein Burger about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

It has been a pleasure working with Danielle in several projects. She has been able to turn my crazy ideas into beautiful effective designs, which have been a key aspect of my businesses. Her work ethic and commitment to each project has always been high, and I deeply appreciate it.

— Pedro Petris Founder of Plein Burger